• Seine River

The Seine

Spanning 482 miles from northeastern France to the English Channel, the River Seine breathes life into Parisian culture. In Paris, you can admire this historical body of water from the many romantic bridges throughout the city. The Seine has been an inspiration to artists, writers, and architects for centuries, while also serving as an important means of transportation and commerce for France.

Parisians often refer to attractions along the Seine as either being on the Left and Right Banks, which are determined by the direction you face when standing downriver. Pont Neuf is the oldest bridge in Paris, dating back to 1607, and you will likely recognize it from modern day movies, television, and music videos. Another famous bridge, Pont Des Arts, was designed for pedestrians and is a popular place to bike, jog, and even enjoy a picnic lunch. Many visitors choose to simply take a stroll along the Seine and soak up local culture like a true Parisan. Our team's favorite way to enjoy the Seine is enjoying a picnic along Les Burges des Seine during the day. 

Gliding along the Seine River on both our Paris Day Segway Tour and Paris Night Segway Tour is an easy and unforgettable way to experience Paris along its famous waterway.