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Louvre Museum
(Musée du Louvre)

Originally built as a fortress in the late 12th century and centures later used as a royal residence, the Lourve Museum itself is as beautiful and fascinating as the thousands of works of art that live inside. Opened in 1793 to the public as a world-class museum of fine art, today it houses over 35,000 works of art dating from the 6th century B.C. This enormous museum covers 15 acres and is divided into sections that feature art from Egypt, Greece, Rome, the Middle East, and beyond. Some of its most famous pieces include Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lista, the Winged Goddess of Nike sculpture, and many more.

The Louvre is the largest museum in the world and it hosts over 8 million visitors every year. Visitors can access the museum from the famous Pyramid, as well as the lesser-known entrances Galerie du Carrousel and Passage Richelieu. Informational maps are available in several languages to offer visitors seeking a more in-depth experience.

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Practical Information


Daily except Tuesday (9:00am until 6:00pm)

Thursday (9:00am until 9:45pm)

Public Transportation

Palais-Royal Musee du Louvre (Line 1 & 7)


Public Entrance Fees

€12 adults