• Eiffel Tower


Eiffel Tower
(La Tour Eiffel)

The Eiffel Tower is Paris’ most iconic symbol and a must-see for any visitor to France. Known to locals as La Tour Eiffel, this Parisian icon was originally built for the 1889 World's Fair by engineer Gustave Eiffel and was never intended to be a permanent structure. Taking over two years to built, it now stands 324 meters high above the Paris skyline. During World War I the tower was utilized as a radio antenna by the French military. 

Nearly 7 million people visit the Eiffel Tower each year. As the sun begins to set, the City of Light  At night, it’s illuminated by 20,000 light bulbs, 5,000 on each side, that glow for five minutes every hour after dark. Over the years, daredevils have staged parachuting and bungee jumping stunts to defy gravity, including Franz Reichelt who met his demise in 1912.

We are pleased that both our Paris Day Segway Tour and Paris Night Segway Tour offer fantastic views of the Eiffel Tower throughout the city, all while gliding with ease through the magical streets of Paris.

Practical Information


Daily (9:30am until 11:30pm)

Jun 15 - Sep 1 (9:30am until 12:00am)

Public Transportation

Bir Hakeim (Line 6)

Champs de Mars Tour Eiffel (RER C)

Public Entrance Fees

€13.50 - €15.50 adults

€11.00 children