• Mississippi


Mississippi Riverfront

Spanning nearly the entire height of the United States, from Lake Itasca in Minnesota towards the Gulf of Mexico, makes the Mississippi River the fourth longest river in the world. The river has played a crucial role in transportation, exploration, water supply, and more for hundreds of years and its ideal port location also makes it one of the busiest. First settled along the banks by Native Americans, and later discovered by Europeans, there was a race between various countries to settle along and gain control of the might river, which in turn led to conflict.

Nowadays, the brick promenades and parks running along the shores of the river is a popular place for street musicians, tourists taking in the excellent views of the city, and locals going for a jog or enjoying a po-boy picnic at Woldenberg Park. While strolling or gliding along the riverbanks you’ll probably spot The Natchez, New Orleans’s only steam-powered paddlewheel riverboat. While onboard, visitors enjoy live jazz music and tour the historic engine rooms.

Stand on the banks of the mighty Mississippi River during our Segway Experience Tour and learn about why the French chose to colonize New Orleans. Enjoy sweeping views of the West Bank and catch a glimpse of a steamship paddling by.