• Oktoberfest Festival Tour


Oktoberfest Festival Tour

Oktoberfest Festival Tour

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  • Meal Included
  • Limited Group Size

Oktoberfest Festival Tour

There’s nothing quite like the Oktoberfest! It’s the world’s largest beer and folk festival and you have to experience it to believe it.

We’ll take you on a guided tour to the festival grounds, explain the history of the celebration, and give you the ins and outs to appreciate the “Wiesn,” as the Oktoberfest is known to the locals. Then we’ll go inside one of the massive beer tents where we have a table reserved for our group.  A couple liters of beer and plate of food (generally a half chicken, the typical Oktoberfest meal) is included!

As with all our tours the group size is small – max 10 people – so you’ll get the personalized attention you desire. Our guides, all native English-speakers, have been going to the Oktoberfest for years and not only know how to make the most fun out of the event, but also are masters of group chemistry to ensure everyone has a fantastic time.

  • Approximately 4 hours
  • City Tour
  • Leisurely
    • Transportation to the Oktoberfest grounds
    • Experienced, English-speaking guide
    • Reservations at a table inside, so no waiting for possible entry
    • Vouchers for 2 liters of beer and a half chicken (or other drinks or food of comparable value)
  • Adults €0.00

    • Please do not bring any backpacks or bags with you as they are not permitted on the grounds for security reasons!
    • Our table reservations are generally for 2 to 3 hours. From there you can of course continue at the Oktoberfest on your own, either in the same tent or elsewhere on the grounds.
    • The Oktoberfest is a fun, family-friendly affair. However, please note after 6pm small children are not allowed in the beer tents. There are also lots of people and lots of beer being consumed, so please gauge accordingly if you feel this would be appropriate for your children.
    • While there will be a vegetarian option of food available, please note the traditional Bavarian food served at the Oktoberfest is generally meaty and not gluten free.
  • Our shop is just off Karlsplatz 4 (Stachus), the bustling square between the Main Train Station (Hauptbahnhof) and Marienplatz. At the Karlsplatz fountain with your back to Karlstor and the pedestrian shopping street, turn right along Sonnenstrasse. After 50 meters, you will see our shop in the courtyard of Karlsplatz 4, on the right-hand side. The closest metro station is Karlsplatz (Stachus).


Tour Highlights

  • Entry into a beer tent with a table reservation, and 2 liters of beer and a half chicken meal included.
  • Native English-speaking guide with lots of experience at the Oktoberfest grounds to ensure you get a thorough orientation.
  • And more...

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Expand/Collapse Can you provide a more detailed breakdown of the tour?

    We’ll meet at our shop at Karlsplatz 4 in the morning.  From there we’ll take the metro (tickets included) to the festival grounds. To enter the festival grounds we will have to go through security so please do not bring any bags with you.

    Once through Security your guide will take you on a tour of the Oktoberfest grounds, giving you details about the history as well as fun anecdotes about events, the rides, and the beer tents. 

    From there we will enter the beer tent where we have a reservation, usually at either 11am or 12 noon.  You will be given your vouchers for drinks and food in the value of two liters of beer and a half chicken.  The vouchers though are yours to spend as you please.  

    At any time, and also once our table reservation time is up (generally after a few hours), you can of course stay in the beer tent or explore the rest of the festival grounds on your own.  Transportation back to your hotel or elsewhere is then up to you.

  • Expand/Collapse Where is the meeting point for the tour?

    We meet for this tour at our shop in the courtyard of Karlsplatz 4.  Entering “Karlsplatz 4” into your phone’s map will take you directly to us.  Alternatively, directions to our shop are as follows: At the Karlsplatz / Stachus square, with your back to the old city gate, walk to your right along the boulevard with the tram tracks (so away from McDonald’s). After 50 meters along that road you will see our shop on the right-hand side in the courtyard of Karlsplatz 4. The Sixt car rental is in our same courtyard.

  • Expand/Collapse Is this tour appropriate for children?

    Children are allowed on the Oktoberfest grounds as there are many fun rides for the entire family.  Children are also allowed in the beer tents on weekdays until 6pm.  Tuesdays are even designated family days during the Oktoberfest.  That said, there are big crowds and lots of beer is being consumed.  It can get a bit hectic after a while for the younger ones not partaking in the revelry.  Please use your own judgement.

  • Expand/Collapse Can I bring my own food or drink in the tents?

    While a plastic water bottle is generally permitted, food and drinks must be purchased on the fair grounds or in the tents.  No glass bottles are permitted on the fair grounds.

  • Expand/Collapse What am I allowed to bring with me since bags are not permitted?

    Small purses and bags with a volume of under 3 liters, or 20cm x 15cm x 10cm is permitted.  That’s really not very big.  Keys, small cameras (mobile phones), and a jacket are all okay, but no glass bottles or anything at all suspicious.

  • Expand/Collapse What should I bring with me on the tour?

    Please wear comfortable shoes.  It’s not fun when someone steps on your feet accidentally and you’re wearing flip-flops.  Also, normally more than 50% of the guests in the beer tents at the Oktoberfest wear traditional Bavarian attire, so feel free to don authentic garb if you like.  Your guide will certainly be wearing traditional attire.  Cash is also king at the Wiesn as credit cards are a no-go.  While we do hand out the vouchers, like elsewhere tips for the wait staff ensure a speedy delivery of drinks and more attentive service.

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