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As the world's first Segway tour company, we run daily Segway tours in cities across the United States and Europe. We know the day-to-day challenges of running your business and the costs assumed by the operator.

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About City Segway Tours

As the first company in the world to offer guided Segway tours, we work hard and take advantage of the lessons we've learned by operating for years in multiple cities. Our core mission and beliefs have remained the same since 1999: we are dedicated to offering the best customer service through limited group sizes, unparalleled tour guides, and a fantastic attention to detail. It may seem strange that while the obvious focus of our tours are the machines, for us, it has always been about the people involved.

Those small things matter a great deal to us. At this point, it's pretty easy to get the tours out the door in a timely and organized fashion, but with those basics out of the way we're able to focus on all the details that take our tours from "fun" to "exceptional." Unlike any other tour, Segway tour customers make a point to seek out Segway Tours wherever they go.

Type “City Segway Tours” into Google and nearly anywhere in the world, we’ll be on the first page of results; even where we don’t have tours! We’ve worked hard to become the world's leading Segway tour company and have a loyal customer group that seek out City Segway Tours whenever they travel. Now, we want to share that global reach to drive more customers to your business.