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    "Our guide was outstanding, not only did she know the facts about the
    history she knew much more than the basics. She shared her experiences
    and love for the City, which really made it come alive."


See more, less effort, more fun.

That’s our motto, and that’s why we’re so passionate about Segway tours being the best way to see the world's great cities.

Welcome to the City Segway Tours Marketplace!

City Segway Tours began in 2003 in Paris France as the World's First Segway Tour Company. We were doing bike tours at the time when we were introduced to brand new Segway transporter. We were wowed at how easy it was to learn to ride the Segway and maneuver it around a city like Paris. Since then, we've grown to show hundreds of thousands of guests how much fun a Segway tour could be in many of the world's great destinations. Along the way, we've noticed that many of our customers would take a Segway tour once and seek them out whenever they traveled to a new city (and sometimes, even in their home town).

With that in mind, we wanted to share our passion for Segway tours with even more guests. There are so many great tour providers across the globe where we didn't already have a tour. So, we partnered with Segway tour providers all around who offered tours in unique destinations with the same committment to tour quality, safety and customer service to create the Segway Tour Marketplace. Here, you can find Segway tours in many of the world's great cities backed by the quality many of you have experienced first hand on a City Segway Tour. 

We look forward to welcoming you on our tours and to creating the same memories for you and your friends and family that have made us world famous since 2003.

-The City Segway Tours Family