• Private Berlin Wall Segway Tour


Private Berlin Wall Segway Tour

Private Berlin Wall Segway Tour

  • Expert Tour Guide
  • Great Photo Ops
  • Limited Group Size

Private Berlin Wall Segway Tour

Enjoying a Private Segway Tour has never been easier!  Book online now and in just a few clicks you will be able to reserve a private tour at a great price that saves your group money!  Booking online is fast and easy, and you will be booked in minutes-it's that easy!

During the Cold War, Berlin was at the forefront of an ideological battle between East and West.  Though once divided not only politically but also by one of the world’s most famous walls, Berlin is still home to a visible separation between a divided past and a unified contemporary landscape.

Our Berlin Wall Segway Tour explores not just the physical remains of this former division but also sheds light on the forces that resulted in the building of the Wall, what life was like in its shadow, and the events that led to its fall in 1989.

A perfect compliment to our Classic City Segway Tour and our Day City Bike Tour, our Berlin Wall Segway Tour heads east to see a completely different set of noteworthy landmarks, including spending time tracing the path of the former Wall.  Your guide will detail life in the former East, discuss escape attempts, and explain the political impact this former division still has in Berlin today.  You will also learn how Berlin’s contemporary landscape is heavily influenced by the transformation of former no man’s lands into new opportunities for some and struggles for others.

Some of the great sites on this tour include:  the East Side Gallery, Oberbaumbrücke, Karl-Marx-Allee, Media Spree, Kreuzberg, Cafe Moskau, and much more!

  • Approximately 3 hours
  • City Tour
  • Leisurely
    • Cafe Moskau

    • Engelbecken

    • East Side Gallery

    • Karl-Marx-Allee

    • Riverfront Developments

    • Classic GDR Propaganda

    • Former Deathstrip

    • Oberbaumbrücke

    • Segway and Segway training
    • Helmet
    • Experienced, English-speaking guide
    • This is the perfect tour to start your time in Berlin- great introduction to the city alongside some of our favorite must-see sites.
    • Segways are easy to drive, and we provide training at the start of every tour.
    • We always stop at each site, so there's plenty of time to take great pictures!


    Booking a private tour online is fast, easy, and you will receive an instant confirmation.  Once you’ve booked you are ready to tour!  The price of your private tour depends on the size of your group:

    • Groups of up to 2 people are a group-price of €225
    • Groups of up to 5 people are a group-price of €360
    • Groups of up to 8 people are a group-price of €450

    If you have more than 8 people, each additional person over 8 is €55 each.

    To place your booking, first choose which group size fits your group, then select the number of groups of that size you would like to reserve (you will likely be selecting “1” group unless you are booking multiple different groups).  If your group has more than 8 participants, you should select “1 Group of up to 8” then additionally select the number of people over 8 (for example, for a group of 12 people you would select one group of 8 and add 4 extra guests).  Once you add your selection to the cart your total price will be displayed for you to review.

  • Tours meet directly at our fully-stocked shop, centrally located at the base of the giant TV Tower (Fernsehturm) in Alexanderplatz.  When facing the entrance to the tower, our shop is around the right-hand corner.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Expand/Collapse Where is the meeting point?

    Tours meet directly at our fully-stocked shop, centrally located at the base of the giant TV Tower (Fernsehturm) in Alexanderplatz.  When facing the entrance to the tower, our shop is around the right-hand corner.

  • Expand/Collapse Are reservations required for this tour?

    Occasionally we do have space available should you call the morning of your desired tour. This, however, is rare and we suggest you reserve as far ahead of time as possible. We tend to fill all of our tours.

  • Expand/Collapse What do I need to bring with me when on tour?

    Although you won't be walking on tour, riding and operating Segways is much easier when you are wearing comfortable, flat-soled shoes.  Also, be sure to bring a camera for the great sites we will see during the tour!

  • Expand/Collapse Are there restrictions or requirements to participating in this tour?

    Yes, there are a few things to keep in mind as Segways are classified as motor vehicles in Germany:

    • Each participant must have a valid driver's license and have that license with them on tour.
    • Each participant must weigh between 100 lbs (45 kgs) and 255 lbs (117kgs).
    • Women who are pregnant should not ride Segways.
    • We have a strict policy against alcohol consumption and Segway operation. Alcohol is forbidden on all Segway tours and any client suspected of drinking before or during a Segway tour will immediately forfeit their tour and no refund will be given.
  • Expand/Collapse Can I rent a Segway without a guide?

    Unfortunately, we cannot rent our Segways out to individuals without a guide. Since our tours are virtually always full, we need all machines for our tour customers.

  • Expand/Collapse Is there a damage deposit for the Segway Tour?

    While no deposit is taken before tour, you will need to fill out a fast disclaimer and damage waiver form before joining tour.