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Saving €8 on any tour is as easy as combining your favorite tours

We know you will want to join us for more than just one great tour!  Many of our guests join us for multiple tours to get the most out of their visit to Berlin.  Our tours are great compliments rather than substitutes, and our Topic Tours are great for folks that want to delve into specific parts of Berlin’s multi-faceted history.  Package Deals also give you a great way to experience both bike and Segway tours- how you combine them is up to you!

After your first tour with Fat Tire in Berlin, you get €8 off of any subsequent tours you book during your stay!  It’s that easy.  Start by booking your first tour online at the normal price.  As soon as you complete your online booking you will receive an instant email confirmation containing a code to redeem during your next tour purchase, discounting that second tour by €8 per person.  How you combine tours is totally up to you- bikes, Segway, E-bikes, and even our Private Tours!  Explore our tours below or contact us to if you need help making the best plan for your visit.  Just start by booking your first tour, then return with your savings code to save on your second, third, or even further tour!

Popular Tour combinations:

Our most-frequently booked tour combinations

Day City Tour + Evening Food Tour

See the highlights during the day and the local side of Berlin at night.  Both tours are at a relaxed pace and many have done them on the same day.

Classic Segway Tour + Gardens & Palaces of Potsdam Tour

Get to Berlin’s best highlights in style on Segway, then relax in the tranquil town of Potsdam while exploring parks and palaces by bike.  This is a great option for folks looking to do one tour on each of two separate days.

Third Reich & Nazi Germany Tour + Berlin Wall & Cold War Tour

Explore two of Berlin’s most powerful time periods on these tours that go to completely different sites and parts of the city.  Another great option for folks looking for two very different tours for two days in Berlin.

Excellence in Guiding

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